Bug of the Month!

July's Bug of the Month is is the wolf spider! As always, we are going to give some fun facts, show you how to identify, and how we treat the problem.

1. Living up to its namesake, the wolf spider is a predatory spider that stalks its prey. It does not spin webs.
2. Unlike humans, wolf spiders can't move their eyes. They have to turn their whole body to see in a different direction.
3. The wolf spider is non-aggressive, but will strike if provoked.

A picture is attached. They can be anywhere from .25 to 2 inches long. They are hairy with 8 long legs. They are brown in coloration with lighter stripes.

We will apply our top-of-the-line product to corners, cracks, crevices, and everywhere else in your home that wolf spiders like to hide. In addition, we will apply a barrier treatment to the outside of the home as well as spread granular bait in the yard.

If you are seeing wolf spiders or ANY other pest issues in your home, please call our office at 405-395-4399 for a FREE estimate.