Deer Tick

It is time for the bug of the week, and this time around it is the deer tick. As always, we will show you how to identify them and what we do to treat them.

1.) Deer ticks carry Lyme Disease and are responsible for more than three million cases of the disease in the US alone.
2.) Ticks are arachnids, making them more closely related to spiders and scorpions than insects.
3. Ticks can take up to three years to fully mature and reproduce.

Deer ticks have eight legs as an adult, are orange-ish brown in color, and have an oval shaped body. Adults are roughly the size of a sesame seed.

When a tick problem has been identified, we apply a granular treatment to the yard. We focus especially in shaded areas such as tall grass and beneath trees.

If you have noticed ticks in your yard or on your pets, give us a call at 405-395-4399 for a FREE estimate.