Protect Your Home From Fungus

Protect Your Home From Fungus

Call for fungus treatment in the Seminole, Shawnee & Choctaw, OK areas

Could your house have a fungus problem? These harmful microorganisms can be harmful to humans and can cause breathing issues over time. Express Pest Services offers fungus treatment and removal in the Seminole, Shawnee & Choctaw, OK areas.

Fungus removal will improve your air quality and is vital to a healthy home. Detection of fungus is key and inspections of your home should be scheduled regularly. We offer monthly and yearly treatment plans. Don't wait for fungus to impact and the health of your family. Call us at 405-395-4399 today.

Concerned about Fungus?

At Express Pest Services, we have 12 years of experience in fungus removal. Our experts will work in your crawl space to:

  • Install vapor barriers
  • Detect fungus growth
  • Treat and remove fungus infestations

Contact us today to keep your family safe from harmful fungus growth. We serve residents of Seminole, Shawnee, Choctaw, OK and the Oklahoma City area.